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Tiger Embroidery  

Custom embroidery on everything.
Visit our shop and design your own tennis cap,  towel or anything else that may need a little personalization and uniqueness.

Originated and based out of Miami, Florida, USA.  CoolNES LLC is a privately owned company.
Our Mission is to allow people to enjoy outdoor activities, worry free from the Sun's heat and damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. CoolNES Sun Protection, CoolNES headwear & Sun protection hats.
Our Product (pat. pend.) is a market innovation.  CoolNES is a Neck-Ear-Strap for your head, composed of a unique fabric that offers a shield system containing UPF 50+ Sun protection, sweat absorption/exhalation and cooling properties. CoolNES is available online and offline in retail stores around the world. 
Provides services and content to three distinct audiences: (1) juniors hoping to play college tennis, (2) college coaches trying to identify recruits, and (3) tennis enthusiasts interested in the recruiting process. Each of these audiences can find useful and interesting content at

One of the misconceptions in the sport world is that athletes get in shape just by playing or taking
part in her or his sport.
All fitness components play a vital role in conditioning and help to prevent injuries.Physical demands vary for each sport, and the training and testing of athletes should reflect this variation.
Regular testing is an opportunity for athletes to consider how, why, and what they need to do to increase
their on and off field performance, as well as to understand and visualize their next goal.
To reach the next level of performance, athletes need not only to Patrice and play to improve their
game, but also be and remain fit to play their best.
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