"When I was searching for a tennis pro my expectations weren’t very high:  I was looking for someone to hit some balls with me, improve my backhand and give me some pointers on correcting my bad habits.   Dusan is so much more than I ever expected I would find.  Dusan changed tennis for me.  Dusan quickly identified my strengths and my weaknesses.  He encouraged me, he acknowledged and applauded my efforts, and offered constructive criticism where it was appropriate.  But coaching is only part of what Dusan provides as a pro – he is also a wonderful teacher.  He discusses the physics behind the movement of the ball and the game.  He demonstrates appropriate form and execution.  And when he notices an area for improvement, he takes the time to explain the error (technical or just plain laziness) and puts you to work to correct it.  While it is work, it never feels like it and I smile a lot now when I play.  Dusan also cares for his students taking an interest in their nutrition and their exercise regime off the court.  His suggestions for stretching and speed exercises have been right on the money.  My skills have improved and my love for tennis has grown significantly. I wake up in the morning thinking about tennis, excited to get out on the court.  I wish I had discovered tennis and Dusan years ago."

Deborah H.
Key Biscayne, FL


"Our daughter Cristina is at the age where it’s important for her to enjoy something or else she’ll simply rebel against it, and Dusan is the perfect coach for her. All coaches know how the game is played and can teach fundamental skills, but Dusan takes it much further than that – he keeps Cristina engaged and motivated, coaches to her at her level, and communicates high expectations but in a way that doesn’t compromise the experience for her. As a result, she is progressing much faster than we could have expected, and really enjoys going to her lessons and the group clinics that Dusan holds. He also looks at her as a person instead of a paycheck, and teaches things that are often overlooked these days, like respect, sportsmanship, and personal responsibility. Regardless of how far Cristina goes with the sport of tennis, her lessons with Dusan are teaching her good habits and helping mold her into a better person."

Greg Denton
Sr. Vice President
Related Group of Florida

"Best tennis coach!!! I enjoy very much my tennis classes with Dusan!! I improved my tennis very much. Thanks Dusan for teaching me!"
Manito, Key Biscayne

"Dusan is truly happy when he can be on the court playing tennis, on the field chasing soccer balls or on the snow-covered mountains skiing. Not only is he a great athlete, he also has a gift of being able to share his skills with others. Many people assume that if someone is a top player, they must be a top coach. It takes more than a just that. Not everyone can teach what they know to their students. If you are serious about learning tennis, call Dusan. You will not regret it!"

Bibi K., Coronado, CA

"I started my coaching program with Dusan a few months ago. Since I used to play when I was younger (a lot younger) I thought I knew how to play some tennis... now I can really say that I didn't. One by one, I improved all my strokes to a point in which I can master them and, above all, enjoy them a lot!. Not only I'm much more effective, but I also have fun with the game in a way I never did before. Dusan's laser targeted instructions and feedback are the basis for the continuous improvement I feel with every class and every game. 
Today, my wife and my older daughter are also taking classes with him. They both started from scratch and are now at a level where they can start playing with confidence and skill. 
I strongly recommend Dusan as a tennis coach but I also encourage you to think about that in a way that exceeds tennis. For me, Dusan is more of a personal trainer that helps me to better enjoy a sport and improve my overall fitness."

Hernan M., Key Colony, Key Biscayne

"Dusan is the best tennis coach in Miami!! It’s an excellent teacher and his classes are very fun!! He is a very good person, and he knows a lot about tennis. Also he is like a doctor, a personal trainer, and he makes Me have a very good moment in his classes! I learned very much playing with him! Call him, and you will have the best teacher you could ever have!!!! People says that he is the best of Key Colony!"

Ines G., Key Biscayne

"Dusan was born to be a coach!

Everything started 2 years ago. I wanted my little daughter to start playing some Tennis, since I love tennis too, and she has not stopped since that day. She has talent and she likes it a lot, however I have to say that my daughter is very enthusiastic about Tennis is because Dusan is her coach.
After a lesson
He knows how to play tennis, but most important, he knows how to transmit that knowledge to the student. My daughter enjoys tennis like I never imagined she did not how to handle a raquet when she started at the age of 7, she is 9 now and she loves tennis, she is even taking 6:15 am classes before school and she does not even complain about it. All of that has been possible, thanks to Dusan. It is really amazing what Dusan has done with my daughter, from knowing nothing about tennis to do amazing things in the court at her age. Dusan treats her right, teaches her the right way, and very important he motivates her and correct her when is necessary.

If you want to really learn how to play Tennis either, in a recreational or competitive way Dusan is the right person. He is not only a our coach he is our friend and I am very thankful and pleased for what he has accomplished with my daughter.

Thanks Dusan!"

Gustavo O., Key Biscayne

"I like tennis because I play with my friend Lucia. Tennis is fun with Dusan 
because we play games. Dusan is the best tennis coach."

Milagros (6), Key Biscayne


"I did hit some balls already when I met Dusan but I did not play tennis.
After few lessons with him I did understand the meaning of timing, posture and technique.
Further more after more lessons I was able to have a tactic
of my game and recognize the difference between hitting and playing. Thank
you Dusan, I appreciate your dedication and personalize tennis education you
gave me."

Marco O., Costa Rica